Common Types of Entities that Affect You

//Common Types of Entities that Affect You

Common Types of Entities that Affect You

Ellie will help participants understand the spiritual realms that surround our tiny patch of reality and the unseen inhabitants of those realms who interact with us and how they affect us. She will describe real stories of how she communicates with earthbound spirits and guides them to the light, resulting in a healing for both client and spirit.

Ellie will be speaking about how she has been working with spirit attachments and other negative entities affecting clients for over 15 years. She describes how she talks with spirits who have become earthbound after leaving their physical bodies (aka death) and have attached themselves to some of the clients who reach out to her for help. She will share how these spirits experience being unable to move on and why they are drawn to inhabit specific people. Ellie will explain how she interviews them and uncovers the emotional and physical symptoms that can cause or exacerbate issues such as anxiety, depression, sadness, and phobias. Ellie will describe what she does next to help both the spirit and her client whose emotional and physical well-being have been affected. Results for clients are almost always immediate and profound.

Come to this presentation and realize that earthbound spirits really do exist and affect people in harmful ways. Learn how you can identify a negative presence around you or someone you know and what you can do about it.

Ellie’s Book

From a review of Ellie’s book, Hitching a Ride: A Guide to Earthbound Spirits and How They Affect you.

Most of us are totally unaware of the possibility that earthbound entities can (and do) invade our auric fields, causing many of the imbalances we experience, physically, mentally and emotionally. These entities act like hitchhikers and can stay with us a short time or our whole life, wreaking havoc … until we find a therapist who understands how to release them. Ellie Pechet IS that therapist! She has developed a gentle and effective method of releasing these beings to the Light so they can continue their own journey. Then our own ultimate healing can occur. Her fascinating book is chock full of stories of people who had no idea why they were unable to overcome their issues…until they found Ellie. I highly recommend this book (you won’t want to put it down) and applaud Ellie’s expertise as a medium and a true healer.

Ellie Pechet is a Shaman, Medium and Medical Intuitive who has devoted the last 32 years of her life to helping thousands of individuals using the combination of Intuitive Counseling and Advanced Energy Work. Ellie holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from Cambridge College (Cambridge, MA).

About Ellie

She has gone beyond her certifications in the Electro Magnetic Field Balancing Technique, the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics and Reiki Master. The main focus of her work in the last 6 years is her own very successful technique, the Pechet Healing Technique. This technique provides the combination of highly intuitive counseling with one of the most advanced levels of energy healing available to humankind. The Pechet Healing Technique has an over 93% success rate resolving issues for her clients for good.

Depression, grief, trauma, insomnia, phobias, sexual abuse and chronic pain are just a few of the issues Ellie cleared permanently for her clients on a regular basis. She is effective working long distance with clients all over the world, in locations such as New Zealand, Costa Rica, and Hong Kong. Ellie also works with clients in person in Phoenix, AZ.

Ellie was featured as a Medium on the front page of the Cape Cod Times newspaper and was also on the front page of the Wareham Courier, Wareham, Massachussets, referred to as the “Ghost Whisperer.”

She has been the guest on popular radio programs such as the Organic Thinking Show, The Healthy Living Show, and the Connect Show with Jeanne White. She has also been the featured guest on cable television shows such as the Living Your Dreams Show with Nancy Cantor, the AZTV Morning Scramble show and the KQNA Radio show, both in Prescott, Arizona, and other programs.


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