Healing the Grieving Hearts of Parents

//Healing the Grieving Hearts of Parents

Healing the Grieving Hearts of Parents

Lynn Lee’s journey began with the physical death of her daughter, Nicole, on January 26, 2008. During her darkest hour she discovered a connection with her daughter’s spirit that changed the way she looked at physical death forever.

Through much study and practice, Lynn has developed her own psychic abilities and explored its metaphysical connection. This connection with spirit has brought forth over three years of channeled guidance (“Clear Words of Wisdom “on Blogger) during her daily meditation practice.

Lynn practices both evidential and physical mediumship. She works with Trumpets and uses Table Tipping to illustrate physical evidence of first contact.

She regularly sits in two development cycles where contact with Ascended Masters, Guides and loved ones is possible. She is also part of a development circle that channels a group of higher energy beings. This educational body’s main purpose is to “heal the grieving hearts of parents”.

Lynn has most recently become a Helping Parents Heal (HPH) Affiliate Leader and will soon have meetings in the Maryland area as well as online meetings and demonstrations. Lynn’s hope is to help other bereaved parents know that through intention, practice, and openness the relationship and communication with their child can continue.