Evidence of Reincarnation—A Path to Peace

//Evidence of Reincarnation—A Path to Peace

Evidence of Reincarnation—A Path to Peace

The work of Ian Stevenson, MD, of the University of Virginia, involving children with validated past life memories, provides proof of reincarnation and demonstrates that individuals can change religion, nationality and ethnic affiliation from one lifetime to another. Most wars are based on differences in these cultural markers of identity. As such, evidence of reincarnation is the path to a more peaceful world.

ReincarnationResearch.com, equipped with Google Translate, is the vehicle being used to disseminate this information worldwide. Articles have already been posted in multiple languages. This website has sections on Soul Evolution and Spirit Communication. AREI members are encouraged to submit articles for posting on this website in multiple languages. To submit articles, please write to walter@ReincarnationResearch.com.

Walter will also discuss his 17-year relationship with discarnate spirit being Ahtun Re, who is channeled through world-famous trance medium Kevin Ryerson. Ahtun Re has demonstrated an ability to make past life identifications with a high degree of accuracy.

About Walter Semkiw

Dr. Semkiw is a Board Certified Occupational Medicine physician who has retired from practice at a major medical center in San Francisco, where he served as the Assistant Chief of Occupational Medicine. Previously, he served as Medical Director for Unocal 76, a Fortune 500 oil company.

His undergraduate years were spent at the University of Illinois, where he majored in biology and graduated Phi Beta Kappa and with University Honors. After obtaining his medical degree at the University of Illinois, Chicago, he trained in psychiatry at the University of Colorado, Denver.

He subsequently entered an Occupational Medicine residency at the University of Illinois, Chicago, where he earned a Masters of Public Health (MPH) degree with a 4.0 out of 4.0 grade point average . In this program, he studied epidemiology and biostatistics, disciplines concerned with establishing scientific proofs. On his Occupational Medicine board examination, he scored in the 99th percentile.

Walter embarked on reincarnation research in 1995 and he is the author of Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited, which was published in 2003. In this book, a cohort reincarnated from the time of the American Revolution is identified. Former President Bill Clinton wrote, regarding Revolutionaries, “It looks fascinating,” and neurosurgeon Norm Shealy, MD, PhD, wrote “For the survival of humanity, this is the most important book written in 2000 years.”

Walter is also the author of Born Again (International Edition-2011).  Other editions of Born Again are available in India, Indonesia and Serbia. In this book, independently researched reincarnation cases with evidence of reincarnation are compiled with a focus on the work of Ian Stevenson, MD of the University of Virginia. Cases derived through trance medium Kevin Ryerson, who has been featured in Shirley MacLaine’s books, are also presented. Born Again has received widespread media attention in India and Walter was featured on CNN-IBN in March 2006.

Born Again has been commented on by the former President of India, Abdul Kalam, and by Shah Rukh Kahn, one of India’s greatest film and television stars.

Walter has also penned Origin of the Soul and the Purpose of Reincarnation. Whereas Return of the Revolutionaries and Born Again present cases which demonstrate objective evidence of reincarnation, Origin of the Soul addresses the big picture of why we reincarnate and the nature of the spiritual world.

Walter has presented at the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), an academic group that pioneer reincarnation researcher Ian Stevenson, MD co-founded. Walter spent a day with Dr. Stevenson in 2001 and Dr. Stevenson personally sponsored Walter’s membership in the SSE. Walter is an advocate of Ian Stevenson’s research.

Walter has been a speaker at the first four World Congresses for Regression Therapy, held in the Netherlands, India, Brazil and Turkey. As mentioned, he has appeared on CNN, as well as numerous other television and radio shows, including Coast to Coast. He has been cited in Newsweek and on numerous occasions in the Times of India, which has the largest circulation of any English language newspaper in the world.

Walter has been selected as one of the Who’s Who Professionals of the Year and a Continental Who’s Who Pinnacle Professional for 2016.

In sum, Dr. Walter Semkiw is an expert in reincarnation research, particularly reincarnation cases which demonstrate objective evidence of reincarnation.