The Integrity & Power of the Great Women Physical Mediums

//The Integrity & Power of the Great Women Physical Mediums

The Integrity & Power of the Great Women Physical Mediums

“Through their sacrifice and manifold gifts, these great psychic powerhouses have blessed the world and should be an inspiration to developing mediums everywhere,” Riley wrote.

“I have dedicated more than half my life rescuing from the abyss of obscurity the stupendous work of not only the women mediums but many of the men who practiced their gifts and sought to help those in need. My research continues to this day to bring to the mainstream their lives and work. It is a part of spiritual history itself and should be recognized as such.

“Natural Law alters itself for no one, so the same energy systems and magnetic forces that were present during the heyday of Spiritualism are at work now and forever. Its up to us to utilize our potential and uplift humanity however we can.”


About Riley

2018 marks the 30th year N. Riley Heagerty has researched Historic Spiritualism and the great physical mediums of that day. He has four published books, The French Revelation, about the independent voice medium, Emily S. French, Portraits from Beyond, about the precipitated portraits & independent writing of the Bangs Sisters, The Direct Voice, about the trumpet medium, Mrs. Elizabeth Blake, and lastly Spectral Evidence Volume I, a compilation of mind blowing séance events documented during the heyday of Spiritualism, which he puts between 1848-1948, and slightly into the 50’s.



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