Your Questions about the Afterlife Answered

//Your Questions about the Afterlife Answered

Your Questions about the Afterlife Answered

In this session, Stafford Betty, Ph.D., will answer audience questions about the afterlife. Stafford is a professor of religious studies at California State University, Bakersfield, Dr. (Lewis) Stafford Betty and author of The Afterlife Revealed. Stafford teaches a course titled The Meaning of Death. In it, he discusses mediumship, near-death experiences, past-life studies, death-bed visions, and other psychic phenomena. In his book, The Afterlife Revealed, Stafford answers important questions people have. What happens to us when we die? Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, nothingness? None of the above Stafford says.

Betty earned his BS in Math and English at Spring Hill College (1964), his MA in English from the University of Detroit (1966) and his Ph.D. in Theology from Fordham University (1975). I recently put some questions to him by e-mail.

Extensive research by Stafford Betty tells us that the world of the “dead” is very real and close by. In The Afterlife Revealed, he surveys some of the world’s richest channeled material. What emerges is a spiritual or “astral” world of awesome beauty with an overall plan explaining not only the purpose of life over there, but ours right here. Readers will be impressed by the orderliness, justice, and immense scale of the divine plan revealed there. They are likely to conclude, based on these accounts, that death is not the end, but that a mighty world lies just ahead–followed by other worlds still more evolved. If the spirits we meet here in these vivid accounts are authentic–and there is surprisingly strong evidence suggesting they are–then we will find new incentive for “growing our souls” and bettering our world. The best of this literature might be the truest revelation of our time.

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