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“A big ball of love” ~ 2017 Attendee

Dream Visits from the Dead

Dreams are one of the most powerful forms of contact with the dead and have been documented for centuries. The dead return to ease grief, deliver messages, give advice, make requests, and reveal the afterlife. Visitation dreams are distinctly different Learn More

Common Types of Entities that Can Affect You

Ellie will be speaking about her work the last 17 years with spirit attachments and other types of negative entities including demons and aliens. Ellie will help attendees understand how and why earthbound spirits and other types of entities trespass Learn More

Rulers, Royals, Spirits and Psychics

Is the White House Haunted? What spirit roams the corridors of the home of America’s First Family? Do world leaders privately seek advice from “the Other Side?” From Ancient Egypt to the United States, political leaders may have publicly denied Learn More

Reincarnation – Any evidence for it?

These are four common attitudes towards the possibility of a continued life after we die: Death is the end of our existence, We cannot know if we live on or not, We have an eternal life ahead of us, We Learn More

The Top 10 Reasons to Believe in the Afterlife

Once a skeptic with a fear of dying, Sandra Champlain has been on a 22 year journey of gathering evidence of the afterlife. She is the author of the #1 international bestseller, We Don’t Die – A Skeptic’s Discovery of Learn More

George Emcees Questions from the Audience for the Experts

George adds his flair as an entertainer and investigator into all things paranormal to assemble six of the our expert presenters questions onstage to answer questions written on slips of paper by members of the audience. Anything is fair game Learn More

The Angel Wash, Holistic Breathing, and Ask the Soul Doctor

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, has 45 years' experience and training in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers and holistic private practice. He received his certification in past-life regression therapy by Brian Weiss, M.D., and in the psychomanteum technique by Learn More

The Ouija Board Revealed ~ What We Know Is True about It

Karen A. Dahlman is an author, B.A., M.A., a licensed and board-certified art psychotherapist, professional counselor, and hypnotherapist in private practice. She has been a business owner and consultant. Karen has been researching the use of the Ouija Board since Learn More

You Are Your Own Medium

Susanne Wilson is at the forefront of AREI's movement to bring mediumship to the masses. In this session, everyone who attends will be invited to experience one of Susanne's "Soul Smart" methods to connect-direct with a loved one in spirit. If Learn More

Using Technology to Record Voices from the Afterlife and Nonverbal People’s Minds

Sonia Rinaldi is recording clear voices of people in the afterlife, people on the earth plane who are unable to speak because of nonverbal autism, Lou Gherig’s Disease, dementia, and other such maladies, and unborn children. She is flying in Learn More

A Renowned Afterlife Expert Answers Your Questions about the Afterlife

  Ask the questions you’ve been wondering about. In this session, Stafford  will answer audience questions about the afterlife. Stafford is a professor of religious studies at California State University, Bakersfield, and the author of three books on the afterlife: Learn More

A Physical Medium Describes How People Materialize and Demonstrates Trance

David Thompson, International Medium/Healer and speaker will be demonstrating Trance mediumship with his friend and mentor in the Spirit World "William" attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of William, a spirit person who has been in the spirit Learn More

Touching Heaven: Accessing States of Expanded States of Consciousness Easily & Naturally

Ann Albers, a former avionics engineer – now an International Angel Communicator, Author, Spiritual Instructor, & Modern Mystic – will help you access states of awareness usually reserved for spiritual seekers, long-term meditators, or those who have died. She’ll Learn More

How You Can Recognize Entity Interference and Be Released

Dick Sutphen explains how you can recognize karmic spiritual experiences and the techniques his uses for spirit releasement. Have you ever felt that you are not yourself—Like you’re two different people? Dick will teach you all about entity interference and Learn More

Shared Crossings: Glimpses of the Afterlife

In this presentation, William Peters, a licensed marriage and family therapist and founder of The Shared Crossing Project, will give you insights into what we have learned about the afterlife from the shared crossings experiences people have had. The discoveries Learn More

Tina Powers ~ The Reporter for the Otherside

Tina Powers is a former news anchor and reporter who now works as a professional medium and receives psychic messages. During her childhood, Tina felt the presence of people who had crossed over, but the intuitive information became a much Learn More

Answers You Can Give to the Skeptics about the Afterlife.

Victor and Wendy will be speaking about what you can say to people who are skeptics about the afterlife. They write that evidence taken from many different areas of credible afterlife investigation is in total agreement. This evidence completely contradicts Learn More

Soul Contact through Life between Lives sessions

Ann Clark, Ph.D., is the research director for The Newton Institute. In this presentation, Ann will describe how people have soul contact through a Life between Lives (LBL) session. She will include some of the latest research findings from the Learn More

Collateral Beauty – Healing IS Possible

Irene lost her best friend and only child, her beautiful daughter Carly, to esophageal-gastric cancer. Like so many of us, this devastating loss sent her on a spiritual quest. She has found friends and comfort through Helping Parents Heal. She Learn More

Collateral Beauty – Healing IS Possible

Two of Elizabeth's children have transitioned; her daughter, Chelsea, in 1991 and her son, Morgan, in 2009 from severe altitude sickness while on a student trip to the Base Camp of Mt Everest in Tibet. Immediately after, Elizabeth created the FB group Parents Learn More

Why and How Time Does Not Exist on the Other Side

Afterlife researchers and near death experiencers often report that there is no time on the other side of life. As infinity is viewed by the Jains of India as not being equal, so too are different aspects of time clearly Learn More

A Transformational Meditative Journey Using Gongs and Other Instruments

Gretchen Bickert is a Sound & Energy Therapist who works with people, animals, and groups. She leads group participants on a transformational meditative journey using Gongs and other vibrational instruments. She is currently a support staff member and student tutor Learn More

Romance Across the Veil: The Annie Nanji Séances

Mary Beth Mank has researched the continuing dialogues between Dr. Dinshaw Nanji and his wife in spirit, Annie Nanji, after Annie transitioned off of the earth plane. She will play recordings of the couple speaking after Annie’s passing through the Learn More

Listening to Animals

Phoenix based Animal Communicator, Debbie Johnstone uses her natural empathic abilities, compassion, a sense of humor and a down to earth communication style to bring animals and their people closer together.   She communicates telepathically with all species of animals, both living and in Learn More

Physical Mediumship Past, Present and Future & Trance Questions and Answers

Physical Medium Scott Milligan has over twenty years of understanding the trance state, and has sat in over three hundred séances with physical mediums. All this in addition to his own development. Scott has incredible knowledge and passion for Physical Learn More

Who Are Physical Mediums Really Working with on the Other Side?

Mediums and Physical Mediumship Circles - Who Are We Talking To? There is a great variety of contact experience happening amongst mediums, circles, ITC communities, and individuals at this very moment. This begs the questions, “Who are we communicating with?” Learn More

How Evidence of Reincarnation Can Create a More Peaceful World

In this presentation, Walter Semkiw, MD, MPH, will present the work of Ian Stevenson, MD of the University of Virginia, who complied 1200 cases of children with spontaneous past life memories that were objectively validated. From these cases, Principles of Learn More

Good Grief: A Modern Day Discussion of Grief and the Afterlife

Arizona Bell is the founder and editor of Spirit Guides Magazine—a publication dedicated to spiritual exploration of both physical and non-physical worlds. Bell began her writing career a decade ago as an intern at Curve Magazine and has since been Learn More

Spirit Drawings and Physical Mediumship Circles

Susan has been practicing Spiritualism and natural law for years. In this presentation, she explains how to set up physical circles, in which remarkable phenomena occur such as objects flying around the room, people in spirit speaking, tables levitating and Learn More

New Developments in Recording the Voices of Loved Ones in Spirit

Sheri Perl explains the procedure she uses to record voices from the afterlife when a parent wants to connect with their children in spirit. The parent calls and Sheri puts the phone up to a recording microphone so the parents Learn More

Everyone Is a Medium! Connections You Make Every Day and Improving Them

Craig Hogan, president of AREI, has developed an online training program that enables anyone to connect with loved ones living on the next plane of life. It uses a form of self-relaxation to bring the experiencer into a state in Learn More

How to Read People by Holding Objects ~ Psychometry

Mark Christopher Nelson is a gifted psychic medium with clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities. He delivers accurate and detailed messages from family, friends, and guides on the other side. The details validate that "it’s really them" and that the messages Learn More

Spiritual Development through Bereavement.

In 2015 Lynn Lee, Edwina Moldover, Jane Bissler and Chris Mulligan formed a spiritual development circle which led to working with a channeled group of higher spiritual beings, self-titled, SADO - Sons and Daughters of the ONE. This group brings Learn More

Chris Mulligan

Chris Mulligan, grief guide, medium, channel and author of Afterlife Agreements: A Gift From Beyond is passionate about inspiring and guiding the bereaved to choose to live differently after grief, to change their pain to peace and to remap their Learn More

The New Spirituality and Awake 2 Oneness

Caroline Chang is the Producer & Host of Awake 2 Oneness Radio, Founder of The KYLE Foundation (Keep Your Light Expanding), Co-Founder of Universal Oneness Alliance and Affiliate Leader for Helping Parents Heal in the Poconos. She was inspired to Learn More

Spiritual Development and the Sons and Daughters of the ONE Group

Jane Vair Bissler, Ph.D, LPCC-S, FT, is a counselor, teacher, writer and speaker. She is also a certified Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) teacher and consultant. Using this modality with her clinical counseling specialty of working with clients whose children have Learn More

Your Soul’s Journey

Your soul’s choice in life is just that…Your soul’s choice. Understanding why we made a choice to be born into this world, and why bad things happen to good people. Do you ever wonder why our loved one leaves us behind, especially Learn More

Rebutting Misconceptions About the Afterlife

In a subject where seemingly anything can pass as truth if written with enough conviction, how do we decipher what is real and what isn't? Cyrus Kirkpatrick, through his experience both entering the other side via astral projection, Learn More

General Symposium Dates and Times

Register for the Symposium The 2018 Afterlife Institute symposium is September 14-16, 2018, at the Doubletree Resort by Hilton Hotel Paradise Valley – Scottsdale. On September 13, there will be workshops. Symposium fee discount schedule ~ Early bird fee $298 Learn More


Banquet Information and Reservations Banquets are $89 per banquet. If you have not yet registered for the symposium, register and pay for the banquet(s) at this link: Symposium AND Banquet Learn More


Register for a Workshop

Learning to Trust Yourself and the Messages You Are Receiving from Love Ones in the Spirit World

Sunday, September 16, 2 to 4 Join Tina Powers for an empowering afternoon of learning to trust yourself and the messages you are receiving from your loved ones in the spirit world. This special event will help open the Learn More

An Afternoon of Spirit Communication with Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer®

A Special Gallery Event An uplifting and inspiring presentation of spirit communication by Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer®/ Psychic Explorer®. Recently Mark was featured on the Emmy Award Winning National TV Show “The Doctors” and in an upcoming mini-series Learn More

The Seance Room and Beyond

Thursday 11:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Have you ever wondered what physical mediumship is all about? This is your chance to learn what happens when you sit in a physical mediumship circle and Learn More

How to Communicate with the Afterlife Using a Black Mirror

Thursday, September 13, 1:30 - 4:30 p.m. Sunday, September 16, 2 - 5 p.m. Rosemary is the author of The Art of Black Mirror Scrying. Black mirrors are one of the most powerful and ancient tools for opening the Learn More

Altered States – Connecting with Your Soul and the Spirit World

Thursday, September 13, 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Scott Milligan is an accomplished, renowned physical medium and teacher with over 20 years of sitting in the darkness within the stillness of the seance room. This workshop is a Learn More

Love Lives Forever

Love Lives Forever Thursday, September 13, 5:00-6:30 pm Seminar & Messages from Spirit Susanne Wilson The Carefree is a scientifically-validated research medium known for her evidential details and unique and compassionate style. Susanne will explain how to use Learn More

The Pechet Healing Technique: Energetically Clears Core Issues at the Cellular Level

The Pechet Healing Technique: Energetically Clears Core Issues at the Cellular Level Sunday, September 16, 2 to 4:30 Ellie Pechet, M.Ed, is a metaphysician, medium, and shaman, who has developed a successful procedure that clears core issues Learn More

Soul Wisdom for Healing from Great Loss

Dr. Ann Clark is a Life between Lives® practitioner and Director of Research for the Newton Institute.  The workshop is on Thursday, September 13, 1:30 - 4:30 p.m. In this workshop, you will learn how soul wisdom imparted during Learn More

“AREI symposiums are life changing!”
~ 2017 attendee

Six talented mediums are available for private readings.

Book a Reading with a Medium

Tina Powers

Renee Richards

Melinda Kushner

Jamie Clark

Ivory Lanoue

Mark Nelson

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Presentations and Workshops by Renowned Experts

This symposium’s experts will explain to you

  • What You Can Tell People that Proves the Afterlife Is Real
  • How to Have a Near-Death Intensive Experience Yourself
  • What Physics Is Telling Us about Our Eternal Natures
  • The Truths about Afterlife Communication Research Has Discovered
  • Newest Developments in Recording Voices from the Afterlife, with Demonstrations
  • Progress in Recording Communication from People Who Cannot Communicate
  • How Everyday Mothers and Fathers Have Learned to Record Voices of Their Children in the Afterlife
  • How to Hold Physical Mediumship Sessions (Seances) with Demonstrations
  • The Exciting Developments in New, Dynamic Physical Mediumship Circles
  • The Online Zoom Groups Forming in Your Area You Can Join

Workshops will give you hands-on, personal experiences and training.

You’ll Meet Interesting People Who Want to Hear Your Experiences

The AREI symposiums are known for the socializing and opportunities to begin experiences that will continue through the year by encouraging you to

  • Network with like-minded people
  • Meet and talk with the experts
  • Find out about online Zoom groups you can join from where you are
  • Learn about groups meeting close to you that you can join
  • Become involved in research, development, education, and practice activities
  • Spend exciting time socializing with others at the symposium.

The symposiums are love fests.

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