Spiritual Development and the Sons and Daughters of the ONE Group

//Spiritual Development and the Sons and Daughters of the ONE Group

Spiritual Development and the Sons and Daughters of the ONE Group

Jane Vair Bissler, Ph.D, LPCC-S, FT, is a counselor, teacher, writer and speaker. She is also a certified Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) teacher and consultant. Using this modality with her clinical counseling specialty of working with clients whose children have died suddenly, provides the parents with peace and knowledge that leads to their grief relief. Her work with parents primarily allows them to attain and maintain loving connections with their children. This is done through guided imagery, Induced After Death Communication and SRT.

Jane is a practicing counselor and clinical director of Counseling for Wellness, LLP. She has co-written four books and numerous book chapters on grief and how parents can have loving connections with their children. Jane has written a weekly grief question and answer newspaper column for the past 25 years and has keynoted and presented at numerous international, national, state and local conferences. She is a past president of the Association for Death Education and Counseling.

About the Symposium Presentation

In 2015 Lynn Lee, Edwina Moldover, Jane Bissler and Chris Mulligan formed a spiritual development circle which led to working with a channeled group of higher spiritual beings, self-titled, SADO – Sons and Daughters of the ONE. This group brings information to the brokenhearted whom they describe as those who feel separated from the ONE.

They will have a panel at the symposium that will present their experiences in their spiritual and physical mediumship development. Lynn Lee (Nicole’s Mom), Edwina Moldover (Rachel’s Mom) and Chris Mulligan (Zac’s Mom) will share their process of spiritual development. Jane Bissler (a clinical counselor) will explain the spiritual development of her clients who are now able to feel more connected to their children.

If the energy is right SADO may take the opportunity to speak during this session. Although SADO has been known to bring messages through to specific bereaved people, this will not be an individualized message service. SADO would like to take this opportunity to provide information that is needed to heal the brokenhearted.