Collateral Beauty – Healing IS Possible

//Collateral Beauty – Healing IS Possible

Collateral Beauty – Healing IS Possible

Irene lost her best friend and only child, her beautiful daughter Carly, to esophageal-gastric cancer. Like so many of us, this devastating loss sent her on a spiritual quest. She has found friends and comfort through Helping Parents Heal. She created a foundation in Carly’s honor; Carly’s Kids A Foundation For Education: Home.  She is also the Vice President of Helping Parents Heal, the Affiliate Leader of Hilton Head/Bluffton and the Chairman of the Helping Parents Heal Conference. 

Irene Vouvalides is Vice President and Conference Chair of Helping Parents Heal. She is also an affiliate leader.

Aboout Elizabeth Boisson and Irene Vouvalides’ Presentation

Following the passing of their beautiful children, Irene and Elizabeth have found that there is so much more to this life and that our kids in spirit are with us every step of the way.  Although the journey they have taken is very different, they are both aware that they have not only survived, but thrived, and would like to share tools for healing.