Rulers, Royals, Spirits and Psychics

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Rulers, Royals, Spirits and Psychics

Is the White House Haunted? What spirit roams the corridors of the home of America’s First Family? Do world leaders privately seek advice from “the Other Side?”

From Ancient Egypt to the United States, political leaders may have publicly denied contact with the spirit world when privately they have sought the advice and counsel of psychically gifted people.

This is not the history taught in school. Enjoy this mystical, enlightening and colorful journey through history and discover things about world leaders you thought you knew!

Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® will explain how at least one third of US Presidents and other well-known world leaders have used psychics or had amazing psychic experiences. Who were they? Why did they break all the norms of conventional society to see advice from beyond? And what other familiar world leaders have also sought counsel in the metaphysical realm? The answers just might surprise you.