Altered States – Connecting with Your Soul and the Spirit World

Rosemary Ellen Guilen

Thursday, September 13, 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Scott Milligan is an accomplished, renowned physical medium and teacher with over 20 years of sitting in the darkness within the stillness of the seance room.

This workshop is a very special opportunity to be part of something greater and be in the arms of those who love you from the Spirit World. Sitting in altered states provides healing and supports all forms of communication, whether you are a medium or not.

Hear about mediums of the past and what was achieved when groups of friends came together with no expectations. You will learn about creating home circles and sit in your own power as Scott leads you on journeys into the altered states. When you believe in yourself and allow the spirit to step forward, you gain support in all areas of your life.

Prayer will be discussed and the different ways of allowing the spirit world to find their voice; a voice that may be heard internally, through you or through a form of phenomena.

During this fun-filled day, the power of the altered states will support you in all aspects of your personal development, wherever it may lead you. You will be given the tools to return home and practice connecting to this limitless power that will lead you back to eternity.

The fee is $89 for non-members, $75 for AREI members.

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