How to Read People by Holding Objects ~ Psychometry

Mark Christopher Nelson is a gifted psychic medium with clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities. He delivers accurate and detailed messages from family, friends, and guides on the other side. The details validate that “it’s really them” and that the messages are truly real. The messages’ consistently positive content provides deeply personal insights along with calm, nurturing, and loving guidance.

Mark was eleven when his father was tragically killed in a holdup. He was raking the leaves a month later when he saw his Dad standing at the foot of the driveway. His Dad told his son not to worry about him, that he was OK and asked his son to relay that to his mother.

As Mark grew up, both his father and grandfather began communicating verifiable, previously unknown details about faraway relatives. They convinced Mark that he indeed had the “gift,” and encouraged him to use his mediumistic abilities to help others.

Mark is also an expert in psychometry, a unique psychic skill. He holds an object and tunes into the owner’s life, including past and future events. During a psychometry presentation, audience members leave personal effects such as pieces of jewelry, eyeglasses or keys on a table. Without knowing who left the items, Mark will pick them up and read them. He explains that this is possible because all things are made of energy, and he is able to interpret the information from the item’s energy. This information can include details about the person who owns the objects or is somehow connected to them. For example, when handed a tiny scrap of leather in a Hollywood home, he immediately envisioned a beautiful, platinum blonde actress in the 1960s. It turned out the leather came from the car actress Jayne Mansfield died in. Members of his audience also receive messages of love and guidance from loved ones on the other side.

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