Who Are Physical Mediums Really Working with on the Other Side?

//Who Are Physical Mediums Really Working with on the Other Side?

Who Are Physical Mediums Really Working with on the Other Side?

Mediums and Physical Mediumship Circles – Who Are We Talking To?

There is a great variety of contact experience happening amongst mediums, circles, ITC communities, and individuals at this very moment. This begs the questions, “Who are we communicating with?” and “What are the varied types of beings out there with which we can build relationships?” We are at a critical juncture in our understanding of these forces.

Besides historical examples, Rob explores these questions based on interviews made with various living mediums across a wide range of ability and experience. Additionally, he will present information from his personal experience as a physical medium working with the Circle of the Masters of Light.

The presentation looks at entities that have been involved in mediumistic contact, including ancestors and relatives, animals, teams, and trans-dimensional beings that his Circle of the Masters of Light and other circles and mediums have contacted. Craig Hogan, president of AREI, is a member of the circle. Rob’s presentation will bring everyone up to date on the relationships with the beings the Circle of the Masers of Light is experiencing. He will describe the contact being experienced by other teams and mediums with whom he is corresponding.

Participants will come away with something more than just information. They will be exposed to the idea that these beings are accessible and able to transform lives if one has a dedicated heart to service for the greater good of humanity.

About Rob

Rob Blackburn is an emerging physical medium sitting with the AREI Circle of the Masters of Light. At this stage in his development, he is going into trance at every seance and is experiencing the physical and mental development physical mediums undergo. The prediction from the team on the other side is that he will be developing as an ectoplasm medium.

Rob is a history, civics, and language arts elementary school teacher. He is a graduate of Illinois State University with a BA in English, language arts, and teacher education.