The Ouija Board Revealed ~ What We Know Is True about It

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The Ouija Board Revealed ~ What We Know Is True about It

Karen A. Dahlman is an author, B.A., M.A., a licensed and board-certified art psychotherapist, professional counselor, and hypnotherapist in private practice. She has been a business owner and consultant. Karen has been researching the use of the Ouija Board since 1973 by first-handedly using and perfecting her communication with varying consciousness and sentient beings via this tool with consistent results.

Karen believes that self-empowerment is the key to living an abundant, connective life. As you plug into the consciousness of your Higher Self, you step into your empowered center, unveiling that person you are meant to be and to express within the world at large.

Karen writes about ways anyone can transform into the person’s Greatest Self. Within paranormal and metaphysical circles, Karen is known as a leading, expert Ouijaologist®. Since 1973, Karen has been directly communicating with her Spirit Friends via the Ouija® Board and through other means. She is a channel for a collective group of light beings of Source Wisdom who come forth to share the Wisdom of the Ages. Their divinely inspired messages help us discover our greatest joys and possibilities for living the life of our dreams through self-empowering choices.

Spirit of AlchemyCurrently, Karen continues to push the boundaries of consciousness as she explores, researches and communicates with this expansive and sentient Source energy.

She endeavors to help others deepen into their unique possibilities found only within their heart, so that they too may discover their own empowerment to affect personal growth, their spiritual evolution, and a passionate expression of their calling. Karen shares her developed processes for doing this within her books.

In this presentation, Karen will demonstrate how to tap into and unleash participants’ own unique forms of creativity, as explained in her first book, The Spirit of Creativity. She then will explain how anyone can evolve beyond the stereotypical and societal beliefs about what happens when a person dies, teaching how to communicate with deceased and discarnate spirits using the explanations in her second book, The Spirits of Ouija. Finally, she will show how to explore the expanses of the person’s “being” by taking participants on a journey to connect and be in communication with their Higher Selves, spirit guides, and Source wisdom, while opening themselves to synchronistic and mystical experiences as the norm within their lives.