Romance Across the Veil: The Annie Nanji Séances

Mary Beth Mank has researched the continuing dialogues between Dr. Dinshaw Nanji and his wife in spirit, Annie Nanji, after Annie transitioned off of the earth plane. She will play recordings of the couple speaking after Annie’s passing through the mediumship of Leslie Flint, recorded in the latter part of the twentieth century.

Mary Beth will explain how information and messages conveyed in the course of the Annie Nanji Séances can be categorized into two distinct categories: romantic sentiments and spiritual teachings.

In the séances you will hear, Annie expresses her deepest love and affection for her husband, Dinshaw. She describes in detail what life is like on her side. She tells Dino (her pet name for him) about their spirit home and friends and family members on the Other Side. She refers to the solidity and the loveliness of the afterlife. She talks about work she does and how she is with Dino everyday.  I will provide participants with quotes from these personal conversations between romantic soul mates.

Mary Beth  will also provide quotes that demonstrate how Annie provides listeners with detailed information and perspectives on topics such as

  • The nature of the afterlife and its solidity
  • People’s appearances
  • Work and enjoyable pursuits (hobbies and interests)
  • The existence and quality of ongoing relationships
  • Religion
  • The nature and power of thought
  • The importance of love and compassion
  • Annie’s desire to give comfort to those whose loved ones are in Spirit by spreading the word that there is no death, no separation and our loved ones walk beside us, eager for the full reunion that awaits