How You Can Recognize Entity Interference and Be Released

//How You Can Recognize Entity Interference and Be Released

How You Can Recognize Entity Interference and Be Released

Dick Sutphen explains how you can recognize karmic spiritual experiences and the techniques his uses for spirit releasement.

Have you ever felt that you are not yourself—Like you’re two different people? Dick will teach you all about entity interference and techniques of how to free yourself through spirit releasement techniques he has perfected and performed throughout out his 40+ career as a Master Hypnotherapist.

For the past eight years Dick has continued to research this phenomena and has been in private practice with his wife, Roberta, who is a natural-born Medium. Together, through their session entitled “Metaphysical Examinations,” they have discovered fascinating truths about what it is to be human and how the Spirit Realm highly influences us.

50% of Dick and Roberta’s clients come in with entity attachments—it’s THAT prevalent. And occurrence that plays this big a part of our lives is karmic.

A highly beneficial talk for anyone practicing in the hypnosis or medical field, or just interested to hear all about what Dick Sutphen has learned about entity attachments and spirit releasement.

Dick Sutphen has spent 45 years researching human-potential and psychic abilities. Dick began the Valley of the Sun Publishing Company in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1971 and was founder and former director of a hypnosis center of Scottsdale. Dick has created more than 900 hypnosis, meditation, and regressive hypnosis audio and video programs and authored 23 metaphysical books.

Dick’s first best-selling book was in 1976, You Were Born Again To Be Together, Simon and Schuster Pocketbooks. While out on tour for his book, Dick was the first to hypnotize a member of the audience on national television on the David Susskind’s Show, Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow Show, and Good Morning America.

Dick has created and conducted Master of Life, Bushido, and other psychic and reincarnation seminars worldwide and developed innovative group hypnosis exploration techniques that are now being used internationally. Over 200,000 people have attended Dick’s seminars. As a professional hypnotherapist, he is well-known for his hypnotist trainings and has received numerous awards.

Dick resides in Arizona with his wife, Roberta and their Lhasa Apso puppies. You may reach him through his website at or email him at