A Renowned Afterlife Expert Answers Your Questions about the Afterlife

//A Renowned Afterlife Expert Answers Your Questions about the Afterlife

A Renowned Afterlife Expert Answers Your Questions about the Afterlife


Ask the questions you’ve been wondering about. In this session, Stafford  will answer audience questions about the afterlife. Stafford is a professor of religious studies at California State University, Bakersfield, and the author of three books on the afterlife: The Afterlife Unveiled (2011), Heaven and Hell Unveiled (2014), and When Did You Ever Become Less by Dying? Afterlife: The Evidence (2016). He has also written a novel, The Imprisoned Splendor, set in the afterlife and is presently working on another, The Afterlife Counselor.

Stafford introduces his students to this fascinating material in all his courses. He brings to light mediumship, deathbed visions, the near-death experience, apparitions, poltergeist phenomena, past-life studies, instrumental transcommunication, terminal lucidity among Alzheimer’s patients, and spirit attachment and possession. In his books he raises questions that almost everybody wonders about: What is dying like? Where do we go after we die? Are our loved ones waiting for us? Is there something like a law of karma which determines where we start out on our afterlife journey? What about suicide? What about the Charles Mansons of the world? Where will this journey take us—to higher states, back to earth, or something else? Most important, what is the world like that we will enter at death? How will we spend our time? The answers are far more interesting and plausible than those provided by the world’s religions.

What emerges from all this research is a spiritual or “astral” world of awesome beauty with an overall plan explaining not only the purpose of life over there, but ours right here. But there are also darker worlds sometimes called the Shadow Lands. Readers of his books will be impressed by the orderliness, justice, and immense scale of the divine plan revealed there. They are likely to conclude, based on these accounts, that death is certainly not the end, but that a mighty world lies just ahead–followed by other worlds still more evolved if we are willing to work for them. If the spirits we meet in this literature are authentic–and there is powerful evidence they are–then we will find new incentive for “growing our souls” and bettering our world. The best of this literature, in Betty’s view, is the truest and most inspiring revelation of our time.