Touching Heaven: Accessing States of Expanded States of Consciousness Easily & Naturally

//Touching Heaven: Accessing States of Expanded States of Consciousness Easily & Naturally

Touching Heaven: Accessing States of Expanded States of Consciousness Easily & Naturally

Ann Albers, a former avionics engineer – now an International Angel Communicator, Author, Spiritual Instructor, & Modern Mystic – will help you access states of awareness usually reserved for spiritual seekers, long-term meditators, or those who have died. She’ll help you touch heaven here on earth, without complicated practices or years of meditation.

Ann’s Description of Her Session

We spend our lives seeking the love that we will feel the instant we die.

We look for it in relationships, finances, purposeful work and in every other area of our lives. We become spiritual seekers. We meditate. We experience NDEs, spiritual awakenings, or endure illness, loss, or trauma that opens us up to the greater realities.

It can be so much easier than this.

Ann Albers didn’t even know this type of love existed until she took a leap of faith, quit her job in avionics engineering, and allowed herself to be guided into a life she never imagined possible. Now she guides you to “become as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven.”

You’ll learn three qualities that make heaven “heavenly” and how to easily access these states of awareness. Although the techniques are deceptively simple, if you practice them regularly, you’ll feel better, improve your energy, your health, and your life, and more easily connect with your angels and dear ones in heaven.

Learn to:

• Surrender to the love of your angels and dear ones

• Access a state of deep Presence anytime, anywhere… without having to meditate

• Surrender into an expanded states of consciousness that allows you to connect more deeply with all of life

Ann will also offer a “gaze” – a demonstration of surrendering to the greater consciousness that sources us all. When people look into her eyes while she is in this state of silent Presence, many experience profound love, peace, and expanded states of consciousness. People have reported seeing auras and angels for the first time and many who have gazed with her report miraculous healing and positive life transformation.

“We are not trying to expand our consciousness. We are trying to surrender into the expanded consciousness that we already are.” – Ann Albers

About Ann

Ann Albers is an angel communicator, medium, author, spiritual instructor, and modern mystic. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BS in Electrical Engineering and worked 8 years in the avionics industry before discontent and a series of dreams, visions, and “coincidences” motivated her to expand her awareness. She quit on faith when the voices of guidance told her to do so, and has been teaching and talking to angels for over 20 years.

Ann has been interviewed on international radio shows like Coast to Coast AM, lectured at conferences that featured well known speakers such as Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith, etc., has authored three books, created numerous CDs, and writes a free weekly newsletter, “Messages from Ann & the Angels.” She has 84 episodes of an internet TV series, “Ann & the Angels,” available as video on demand, which guide viewers in working with angels and experiencing mystical states of reality that lead to tangible improvements in every day life. Most recently she has started surrendering to a consciousness that catalyzes expanded states of awareness, miraculous healing, and transformation for many.

“However,” she says,”I know I’m just an embodiment of the one consciousness that we all are, walking around in the illusion of a little female body!” She lives to share the love of heaven that she experiences on a daily basis and to help others access that joy as well!