Rebutting Misconceptions About the Afterlife

In a subject where seemingly anything can pass as truth if written with enough conviction, how do we decipher what is real and what isn’t? Cyrus Kirkpatrick, through his experience both entering the other side via astral projection, and his years of researching the afterlife, has concluded there are certain demonstrably wrong ideas about the afterlife–from the notion that our personalities radically change, our emotions are eliminated, or our sensory perception is altered. By addressing and rebutting these theories, we can approach the subject of life after death with less fear–and more hope that our loved ones are still themselves.”

I’ll also talk a little about the subject of my next book: “So, The Afterlife is Real…Now What?”


Cyrus, author of Understanding Life After Death is finishing his new book, Escaping the Death Paradigm. Cyrus will explain how each of us can greatly enhance our lives, feel confidence and happiness about life, reduce stress, eliminate the fear of death, and live more freely. The key is knowing realities about the afterlife.

Cyrus Kirkpatrick, is a 29-year-old freelance writer living in Los Angeles. In the introduction to his book, he writes this about the afterlife: “To say this is an important topic is an understatement. It is arguably more important than making money, politics, careers and vacation.  Our lives are stunningly short, and very soon – you are going to die – whether from a disease like cancer, an auto accident, or hopefully a natural passing in your sleep.  Given this reality is fast approaching, it makes sense to begin committing time to understand it, so that the moments you have left can be enjoyed without having to worry so much about mortality – because what we understand, we do not fear.”