Why and How Time Does Not Exist on the Other Side

//Why and How Time Does Not Exist on the Other Side

Why and How Time Does Not Exist on the Other Side

Afterlife researchers and near death experiencers often report that there is no time on the other side of life. As infinity is viewed by the Jains of India as not being equal, so too are different aspects of time clearly redefined into four distinct categories while dismantling any association with infinity as it relates to this physical universe. Ivanhoe illustrates the concept of time versus no time at all in his delightful and easy-to-understand way. You can now better realize there is a world of infinite existence outside of time-based physical consciousness.

About Ivanhoe Chaput

Ivanhoe Chaput was born on March 31, 1947 and grew up in various French Canadian communities before moving to the United States. He’s an engineer with a penchant for physics, life after death studies and consciousness in the physical and non-physical Universe.

Self-educated with a genius IQ, he holds 14 patents, and has run his engineering product design and development company in Gardena, California since 1981. His contributions include over 1,000 successful projects ranging from toys to medical devices.

His gift of claircognizance is responsible for his creative abilities and a sense of “knowing” that arrives spontaneously.