Your Soul’s Journey

Your soul’s choice in life is just that…Your soul’s choice. Understanding why we made a choice to be born into this world, and why bad things happen to good people. Do you ever wonder why our loved one leaves us behind, especially when it’s our children? Please join me for an informative truthful explanation as to what the Spirit World has  shared with me, and what they want you to know about your Soul’s Journey. We will discuss life, death and the afterlife. What our expectations are, how we can fulfill the need to heal both our world and the Spirit World.


Melinda Kushner is an evidential spiritual medium, teacher, psychic and inspirational speaker. As a third-generation medium she has spent her life challenging taboo views of mediumship and the spirit world. Melinda studied at the world’s foremost college for the advancement of spiritualism and psychic sciences: The Arthur Findlay College in England. There, Melinda began a life-long mentorship and friendship with world famous medium, Mavis Pittilla. Part of Melinda’s training entailed hours of spiritual meditations, contemplations and learning from tutors educated in the same thought process as Gordon Higginson. Now she studies alongside many other international mediums such as her friend and mentor, Paul Jacobs. Because she believes learning is a life-long process, Melinda continues studying at Arthur Findlay and House of Spirit.

For more than two decades Melinda has commandeered hundreds of workshops, mentorship programs and readings.

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